The Haven Gabriola Blog Post

It was coming up on my one year anniversary of living alcohol free. I was searching for that next step in my life, the next leap of faith to take. A friend suggested that I sign up for the 
"Come Alive"program at The Haven on Gabriola Island.
To say that I was transformed in that week away would be an 
understatement. I came back cellularly a different person, and I will always remember my time there and my 'Circle of Trees'. I hope to return again one day. Until then, I have a blog post to share that I wrote about my experience at The Haven, living alcohol free & finding true connection

The Women We Know

This became my first feature story on another outlet besides Vivify in telling my journey into living alcohol free. The response was instantaneous and swift. Many women reached out to me after this, solidifying my purpose and intent in sharing my story, struggles and joys of releasing my alcohol dependency. We are all in this together. No one goes through the game of life unscathed. If I can share my story in hopes to communicate that your struggle is real and you are not alone, then sign me up every time.

Lululemon International
Womens' Day Event

Guest Speaker - March 8th, 2019

This was my first experience not writing about my experience living alcohol free and posting it to the internet, but actually speaking to it, in front of over 100 people. I had been in public speaking when I was younger, even winning the provincial wide "Concour Oratoire" french speaking contest in my early teens. Speaking in front of an audience has always come naturally to me.

But this, this was a different experience all together given the sensitive subject matter, and the level of vulnerability I felt in telling my story to a large group of people. And it was a million times worth it. How empowering I felt standing there. Even more so after the event concluded and I was approached by numerous people who either knew someone affected by alcohol dependency in their lives, or they themselves living within the shame. I hope to do many more speaking engagements throughout my life - I realize the importance of connecting in real time with others, in not being afraid to tell my story. There is no shame for me in where I've been, and so much pride in where I'm about to go.

A Woman A Day with Danaye (YYC)

Waking up to the news that I was Virgin Radio's 'A Woman A Day" in YYC was, well, pretty fucking cool. It's not everyday that feature stories are done on people, women especially, living alcohol free. It's goes against the "norm" of society. I have huge appreciation for Danaye at Virgin Radio for creating this concept and including me within it. 

Corner of Secrets Podcast

What an interesting concept - Corner of Secrets. We all have them. Some darker than others. By the time I had recorded this podcast around my 'secret' of alcohol dependency, I was already over a year and a half living alcohol free. I still felt the importance of sharing what had been a massive secret for most of my adult life. Not that I drank alcohol, but the amount, and when & where I was drinking. My hope in continuing to share my story is that women struggling with alcohol dependency will recognize a piece of their story in mine, and that will make them feel just a little less alone in their experience.

Feverish News

Sharing my story on mainstream media is something I didn't think was quite possible. But my intention for sharing towards a larger audience was really to hopefully inspire other women who are curious about their relationship with alcohol to dive a little deeper. From the outside, I looked as though I had it all together. Great job, good family, owned a condo, made a decent living. But the mask I was wearing was on too tight, I was suffocating.  On the inside I was hurting so badly, for decades. Not knowing that there was another, more healthy & soulful way to live. I know I'm not alone in my feelings or even my story. That's why I feel as though sharing what I've been through may open up other to do the same. 

At the end of the day, I was depending on alcohol to make me feel different than was as an immensely unhealthy escape. Acknowledging that, stepping into it, and beginning to shed layers upon layers of conditioning is what's helped me to overcome easily the most harmful time of my life. I take it day by day, adding to the tools I have developed to help me live a more fulfilled life. 

Project Nightlight

Written Essay - In Mental Health

January 21, 2020

I found myself very honoured to be one of the feature stories for the non-profit Project Nightlight platform. Mental Health truly affects us all. I have close family members who have suffered from debilitating depression for parts of their lives, and I myself was diagnosed as 'depressed' in my early twenties and again in my early thirties, and placed on anti-depressants, which ended up making me completely detached from reality. I know now that much of my caused depressive state was because of my dependency on alcohol, and that was a message I hoped to share within writing & communicating my own experience for this feature. 

K2 Speaker Series

Find people who have been through the shit. That have survived. Surround yourself with them. They will make you stronger and you will them. 

Kira (@boringlittlegirlclub) and I came up with the concept of a monthly Women's Discussion Night after being disappointed with the other social women's meet ups in Calgary. Either they included some type of 'alcohol' theme do them (mimosa with your vulnerability?), or they were out of many of our price ranges. So we created the K2 Speaker Series, a dry environment where 4 appointed women come and share their stories, struggles, experiences, joys and triumphs in life. A different topic is chosen each Series, a broad spectrum of stories shared in this intimate setting. I am extremely proud of this initiative we have created for our community within Calgary.

Next Event - TBD
Check back soon