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A Message I'd like to Share about YOGA

Do you believe you have to be flexible to take part in the magik of yoga? Nope. Do you think you have to be zen to absorb its healing properties? Nope. Do you think everyone in class is 'better' than you at Yoga? (I don't think that's even a thing). Nope. Do you think you’re the only one who feels this way? Nope. Does this stop you from participating in classes or creating a lesson of your own at home? I hope not. 

We’re all students at this continued educational gift called life. All of us. No one is above you or below you in this form. Some may have studied more on a particular subject than you, and you may know more on another. Some may have more experience in a certain realm, and you may have more in another. It all balances itself out. 

Yoga is no different. Imposter syndrome can really fuck with me somtimes. I continuously remind myself of this in my practice - Some yogis will know more about anatomy. Some yogis will know more about yogic philosophy than anatomy. Some yogis will know the ins and outs of proper handstand form over philosophy. Some yogis heels can touch the ground in Downdog, some can’t, and won’t ever due to bone structure. We’ve all got a different space suit to live in. We’re all at different stages in our journeys - let’s show some love and compassion and respect to ourselves and meet ourselves where we’re at. 

Having just recently graduated from my first of many Yoga Teacher Trainings, my love and appreciation for the lifelong practice of Yoga has quadrupled. And continues to grow. Its history, its healing, its lessons, its meditation, its journey to self-realization has me completely hooked. And I’ll let you in on a couple of little secrets - I’m not that flexible. My heels don’t touch the ground in DD. I’m only just beginning to read the Yoga Sutras, dipping my toes into the philosophy of the Vatus, Koshas, Chakras, Gunas. I received a crash course on anatomy in training, but can you ever really know enough about your body and how it functions? All this added up, should it mean that I not practice because I’m not flexible enough? Or not share what I do know with others because I’m not a PHD in yoga studies? On what planet. I could sit and back and not put myself out there because of fear - EASILY. I could make every excuse in the book - I don’t know enough, it’s been done before, what if no one likes my style, blah, blah, blah. All I know is everyone has to start somewhere. Every teacher & every student. What I know is what I know, and that's what I want to share with others.  If I paid attention to all the croptop, lulu wearing, backward bending, headstand posing women on insta, I would have closed the shop months ago. (And here's another little secret - Yoga's not all about poses). I am my own person, I offer my own gifts, my own flavour, just like those other instructors do. No one is better, just different. 

Everyday I am on my mat. Everyday I am practicing. Everyday my nose is in a book learning more about Yoga & Ayurveda. Everyday I sit in silence and meditate (even if I’m losing my shit and it’s only for 5 minutes). Everyday I am working more towards the goal of living in harmony within myself and Universe. Everyday I am a student of life. And I hope you are too. - x K

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