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What's Your Daily Morning Routine?

I recently read this quote and something about it totally stuck with me – “When looking back doesn’t interest you anymore, you’re doing something right.” I have no idea who wrote it, but holy shit does it ever describe where I’m at in my life in this moment.

The last few years, I have peeled back the layers of Kat Black & the traumas that surrounded me growing up & evolving into adulthood, but only in the past let’s say 15-18 months have I really been able to mentally & spiritually dive deep into the heavy shit. This required the deletion of alcohol from my life, this required for me to be in a more mentally stable range of operation, this required the safe & respectful environment of my somatic therapist, and this required an immense amount of support from those around me who understood the process. To say I’m “cured” isn’t in my vocabulary, but the work I’ve done & support I’ve received have led me to this point in my life - Where I can begin to look forward instead of back.

Much of what comes next for me includes taking care of myself on my own. Not relying on others to do that for me as I have unconsciously for most of my life. Loving myself, taking proper care of my health & wellbeing, only inviting positive people & experiences in my life – That’s the golden ticket for me. MY life is in MY hands. No one holds the key to or is responsible for my happiness but me.

Which brings me to one of the most important aspects of loving & respecting myself that I’ve recently uncovered. Along with Meditation. It’s simple AF, but I guarantee probably only 5% of the population does it consciously. Incorporating a Daily Morning Routine. Be mindful of your daily routine. I don’t mean hit snooze, double down on an extra large coffee, skip breakfast, try to fly through construction & traffic to make it to work by 8:59am. Grouchy, tired, tight, foggy brained, maybe hungover. Hey, no judgment. Been there. That’s how I can write so eloquently to this.

Now, imagine if you woke up even 15 minutes earlier, how different your morning experience might be – Calm, filling, unhurried, satisfying, loving. Seems much better to me than the alternative. Bodies are meant to adapt to routines. And it’s best that routine incorporates activities that contribute to improving your health, not hindering it.

On any given morning, I integrate some form of the following into my daily routine – Meditation, Breath & Movement. In speaking to Ayurveda & my primary Dosha – Vata – routine is very important for me as it helps me to remain calm, grounded & focused.

Here’s what an average weekday morning looks like for me:


· Wake up for Rise & Flow Yoga (Three times a week)

· Take down a glace of filtered water w/ Himalayan Sea Salt & lemon juice to help replenish my body & flush out toxins

· Eat an apple to ignite the digestive fires


· Wake up if not going to Yoga

· Meditate for 20 Minutes – Warm up with 3 minutes of breath work


· Set Intentions & Manifest the shit out of my day, week, month, future


· Dry Brush – Helps stimulate lymph flow, exfoliates dry skin from cells, reduces cellulite & makes skin soooo much softer

· Oil Massage – Self care to the max! This is my most favourite thing to do in the morning. It’s literally the act of massaging oil onto your skin before showering & after dry brushing. Again, back to the magic of Ayurveda. It keeps skin smooth & supple, and who wouldn’t enjoy a little love massage first thing in the morning.


· Shower

· Perform simple stretching exercises if I haven’t gone to Yoga (ie. downward dogs, sun salutations, cat/cows, etc).

· Prepare an herbal tea (buh-bye caffeine) and hearty warm breakfast

This is what works for me. And I mean really works. Days where I miss even one element of the above, I feel largely off-balance. And I find I have to work harder to align myself again. Days where I incorporate all elements are the days I have infinite love & appreciation for myself, my experiences, my relationships & my surroundings.

Find some activities that make you happy first thing in the morning. Maybe it’s enjoying a cup of coffee on the patio in the sun reading a newspaper. Or grabbing your partner and enjoying some one-on-one time in the shower before getting ready for your morning. It all prepares your mind & body for a much better day overall. Yeah, I can still have shitty parts to my day, but I’ve noticed a significant change in the way I handle situations & stress on the daily since incorporating my routine. I say so long as it makes you feel gooood, incorporate more of that in your life. – xo K

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