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The March Experiment Breakdown

Just when I think my life can’t get any busier or more incredible...another amazing month in the books. And just like that, it’s April.

If you are in the beginning of wanting to remove alcohol from your life, you’re most likely thinking – “What am I going to do without alcohol? How do I celebrate birthdays & holidays? How do I have dinner without wine? My life is going to be so boring without it.” Do me a favour and read my previous months breakdown posts and see if that outlines the life of a boring person. Although I will say, opportunities haven’t just fallen on my lap as much as I’ve worked for them. I’ve fought every step of the way to make my life the way it is now and will continue to be. And I offer gratitude for my experiences & support, and don’t take any of where I am in my life right now for granted.

That being said, let’s get the re-cap rolling! January roll over - Yes, still attempting cold showers, although I’ll admit, in the past month of incorporating daily Ayurvedic practices in my routine & diet, I’ve found quicker & quite honestly better results to my circulation, body energy movement and the ever constantly annoying matter of being cold. Consistent yoga practice is still on the menu at Santosha, and I’m happy to report that my smoking in on the heavy steady decline. I bought my last pack I would say 2 weeks ago, and have only had a total of 5 cigarettes since then. Baby steps.

February roll over :

Lifestyle Coaching/MentorshipJillian Schecher. What an awesome experience this has been. Talking with Jill allowed for me to really open up about my true thoughts, feelings & ideas surrounding life, Vivify, goals, passions, brand management, and so so much more. Within our sessions, I have grown immensely, and so have my mission & intentions surrounding Vivify. If you have the opportunity & financial means, I highly suggested hiring a coach. The ability to remove myself from the bubble that is my life and interpret things much more clearly with her assistance has been one of the best experiences through this so far. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s an incredible fucking human being who pushes me to explore ideas I would have never thought possible.

Natural Movement Classes – GAWD, I still haven’t done this! My only reasoning behind not signing up is time. I haven’t carved out time to actually commit to trying this out. It’s back of mind, and I’m still hoping to incorporate it at some point because I do see a major benefit to integrate further movement in my daily routine. And full disclosure, I have lost some strength in my body since the removal of weight training, however my body actually feels better. I’m paying much more attention to what she says, rather than how she looks.

Ayurveda – I. AM. IN. LOVE. Do you know how good it feels to know you’re not crazy, that your Vata is just out of balance lol. As I sit here typing, I’m looking at the 6 books I currently get to read about Ayurveda & its practices. Moving forward, much of my content through Vivify will be about my body-mind-soul learning’s through Ayurveda. And sharing them with you.

And now onto my March Experiment Breakdowns:

VivifyYYC Support Night– This has been my ultimate goal since creating Vivify back in 2018. To create a night of connection & support for women looking to live an alcohol free life. And I was fortunate enough to be able to host 2 of these nights in March at Nosh. And I’ll be honest, there have been some moments where I've felt defeated. With all the interest surrounding these nights, and women who have confirmed their spots, many have – for whatever reason – backed out last minute. I am trying not to get discouraged, I remember what it was like towards the end of my journey, alcohol always ruled. Until I didn't allow it to anymore. So I’m going to keep my head up, and continue on. And I should always be looking at the positives I’ve received through these nights. I have met some wonderful women who are well into their vivified alcohol free life, and that’s so encouraging and ultimately what keeps me going.

Lululemon International Women’s Day Panel– So this happened. Lululemon Calgary extended an invitation to speak to 150 women at their “Other 364 – Sweat / Grow / Connect” panel discussion event. This was a night to come together and not only celebrate women, but help inspire & empower them as well. I was so honoured and extremely excited to share in my experience with everyone there that night. Speaking to my story of living alcohol free verbally was something completely new to me. I mean, prior to this, I had only written about my experience, this was a whole new ball game – Batter Up. Home Run.

Work– This is probably the biggest tangible change I’ve experiences since giving up booze. I quit my corporate 9-5. My last day is May 31st. It was a lengthy back and forth in my mind for months. I had been there for 6 years. Through my best & worst times. And I also consider it to be a family business. Lots of elements to consider. Ultimately though, once I started down the path of self discovery, I realized being there wasn’t the place for me. And working for someone else, as I had done since I began working at the ripe old age of 14, wasn’t for me either. Someone else’s structure. Someone else’s rules. I feel so drawn to helping women, like deep within my soul, and I couldn’t ignore that anymore. So on I go continuing down the path to self discovery, growth & learning. And I truly feel the universe is helping guide me along, that I'm going to be just fine if I continue to believe in myself, as for support & help (work in progress), and keep my eyes & ears open to new opportunities.

In the interm, I’m going to start my own dog sitting/walking business under the Vivify Umbrella. Creation & development of this idea will take place the months of April & May to be able to launch in June. Keep your eyes peeled for more information, and spread the word if anyone’s looking for this type of service starting in June!

LaLuna Workshop Canmore– I met Kristen about 5 or 6 years ago. She was teaching yoga at Bodhi Tree. I was still drinking at the time, and looking for something, anything to help reprieve my anxiety & depression (besides booze). Without knowing then what I know now, yoga seemed to be what everyone did to calm & quiet themselves. So I gave it a shot. Although they had some solid instructors, I really took to Kristen the most. She just seemed so authentic and genuine. And she just had an awesome energy about her. I remember vividly one day, I was especially in a major state of depression. I forced myself to go to her class. The class itself did what it could to take my mind off of my sadness, but it was a specific time towards the end that really etched this memory in my mind & body. We were heading into savasana, and she put on this music and she spoke these lovely words and I just started to cry. A release of what I’m not sure, but I just felt so much warmth & comfort & calmness in that moment. FFW a few years and this LaLuna Full Moon ceremony (hosted by Kristen), just kept popping up on my insta feed. And I was all over it. It was a beautiful night in Canmore, made all the more special by the amazing other 8 women who also came to share in this experience. Everyone of us had our own reason for attending the ceremony that night, and I just, again, felt full of warmth, comfort, happiness, and a major sense of calm once I left.

Buh Bye Coffee– What am I going to have left!? As if lol. So I gave up coffee mid-March. I realized I was using it as a comfort & coping mechanism, maybe to fill the void of alcohol, similar to cigarettes. The day before I gave it up, I had a wicked bout of anxiety. I’m talking crippling. If I didn’t have to work that night, I’m not actually sure what I would have done. I traced back my day and realized I had had 3 venti blonde drip coffees previous to my attack. And so I thought maybe, just maybe it had something to do with it. So the next day, I quit just to see what would happen. That afternoon, a pain started to form in my forehead, which soon expanded across the whole of my head. It was debilitating. Light bothered me, sound bothered me, I couldn’t think straight. I put myself to bed at 7pm that night because I literally just couldn’t function. The headache lasted 4 more days after that, and since then, I’m happy to report that I’m headache free, and haven’t felt that level of anxiety since. And the cool part about getting to know yourself and your body is experimenting with what works for you and what doesn’t. Obviously that amount of caffeine or coffee wasn’t working for my body or mind.

A Woman A Day with Danaye - Lastly, and pretty fucking cooley, I was named YYC Woman of the Day by Danaye & Virgin Radio Calgary on March 27th. This was actually quite unexpected and an awesome honour. There are many women in Calgary who are killing it, and to be featured among them is an incredible feeling.

What’s in store for April? I actually have no idea. But here are a few things that I do know - Kira (from Boring Little Girls Club) and I have created a Speaker Series where 4 women come together and share their life knowledge & experience with others. It’s another opportunity for women to come together and support one another. It’s called the K2 Speaker Series, and the first one is happening on April 23rd. Details will be posted to our instagram accounts. I’ve also already incorporated a daily routine that I will share in next month’s re-cap. Lastly, I’ll be heading to Victoria for a Body Electric Workshop at the end of the month to dig deeper into my sensuality. More on that next month too.

Finally, thank the universe, it’s spring time. Get outside, feel the sun on your face. Take a walk down by the river. Drive out to the mountains for the day. Get out in nature. Look & embrace the good things in life, because they are everywhere. - xo K

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