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THE AFTER - How my Sober Vacation Really Went

Europe is full of temptations. Whether it be food, booze, cigarettes, whatever. There is literally a cafe on every corner in Paris where people are enjoying their "cigarettes and wine" (as I write that I'm saying it with a french accent in my head). Maybe not the wrong decisions, but certainly not the right decisions can easily be made. This could have ended badly for me, but it didn’t. While everyone else was enjoying beer & wine, I was actually enjoying the shit out of fizzy water.

Again, the association with vacation is typically booze. It’s the “pat on the back” for a “job well done” over the year to deserve a well overdue, guilt free break by consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Which leads to engaging in too much drinking, which leads to feeling like a bag of shit your entire vacation. If I had been drinking on this trip the way I used to, well let’s just say it would have been an entirely different outcome.

To help keep me on the straight & narrow, I started making notes listing the benefits of not drinking while on vacation. Hopefully this will help give those of you thinking about it the extra boost you need to try it as well:

· My Jet Lag recovery time was cut in half

· I could fall back into a proper sleep pattern much faster

· I didn’t waste one day being too hungover - stuck in a too small & smoking hot hotel room with the sheets pulled over my head - to partake in any pre-planned activities

· The stress of travelling became FAR MORE manageable than if I was hung to the nines & foggy headed

· Decision making was more swift and made way more sense, especially navigating different transit systems and languages

· My caloric intake was easily cut in half by not partaking in daily pints (allowing for the enjoyment of oh so much more food)

· The extra money saved on not drinking alcohol was put towards exceptionally better things ; such as European clothe shopping

· I actually REMEMBERED my vacation

Did I get the urge to drink? Ya, for sure. This being my first vacation without indulging definitely had its rough moments. Mostly when everyone around you is enjoying a cold pint, and you’ve ordered your hundredth sparkling water. But I wouldn’t trade the feeling of waking up fully aware and not hungover in 30 + degree weather for anything. And being clear headed, able to remember each moment of a really special vacation is something alcohol would never, ever be able to give me. In fact, it would have taken it all away. xo K

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