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My Dr. Joe Dispenza Experience

I’m trying to think back to what drew me to Dr. Joe Dispenza and his methodologies around mediation & energy. I believe the offset was after watching the documentary “Heal” on Netflix this past Spring. That particular day, I was in a truly awful headspace. I had just come back from a trip that had me shook, and I needed something to calm my nerves. My anxiety levels were sloooowly, steadily creeping up to peak levels, and I felt as though I was starting to spin out of control. This was also when I was still drinking caffeine and smoking cigarettes. Although I wasn’t in the most clear of headspace while watching, I still felt somewhat drawn to the content and ultimately to a small list of the scientists, physicians and spiritual leaders who played their parts within it.

Although I wasn’t fully able to satiate my anxiety that day, some of the interviewees still drew my attention and I made mental note to check them out – Joe Dispenza being one of them. I put his book, “Becoming Supernatural”, on hold at the library and promptly forgot about him after that. FFW to September, and the book finally landing in my inbox. Do I believe in coincidences? Had I read his book over the summer when I was in another shitty headspace, it may not have had the same amount of influence or impact that it does today, and ultimately lead me down the rabbit hole of his teachings.

Now, I’m going to try and put into words my understanding of some of his teachings, and how I have absorbed them - knowing full well I could botch this - and even if I do, my discerning computes to me and that’s all I need to keep me going. Although some of it is not new information – Mastering the Present Moment - that in itself may turn some people off from his teachings. I mean, come on, who the fuck can seriously live in the present moment ALL THE TIME? But, the way in which he describes the formula to living a MORE present life makes an immense amount of sense to me –> Living in a Familiar Past = Living in a Predictable Future. Not interested.

Our brain is a product of our past, for the most part. We process and bank memories, feelings, experiences, thoughts, traumas, etc, of our past and turn around and unconsciously expect our future experiences to play out much the same, with no room for the unknown. “You become a victim of your life instead of the creator.”

How many times have you had a fight with a loved one and expected a certain reaction from them? What if that reaction doesn’t happen and because of your expectation, you are not only pissed off because you’ve had a fight, but now you’re even more pissed off because they haven’t reacted the way you assumed they would. And why should they? Isn't it you with this pre-generated expectation, not them? There is no room for the unexpected and unknown when you have already pre-programed your brain and even your reaction based upon your past experiences. So when this unknown ‘element’ comes to play in your life and you are unprepared, it can potentially cause real harm to your inner world.

So, how does one release themselves from the grasp of the Familiar Past and ultimately Predictable Future? Ahhh, great question. It ain’t fucking easy, I’ll tell you that much. This is much more difficult to describe as we have to start to shift our energy. If we are constantly unconsciously living in our past, and just rolling into each day expecting it to go a certain predictable way, then we have no energy available to expand into the void of new & exciting. So, we begin by shifting our energy via self-awareness & self-discipline through meditation.

Now, I can’t walk you through these meditations, that’s Joe’s thing. I can’t only tell you about my experience within them. The most profound meditation I have done with Dispenza is the ‘Blessing of the Energy Centers”. This is where we narrow our focus to our Chakras and concentrate on them one by one, the darkness that surrounds these centres, and the giving and receiving of each. And from there, harmonize, or connect, the Chakras one after the other. Simple, right? Mmmm, not so much. My mind still races, shitty thoughts still pop into my head. Admittedly, I still think about past experiences hoping they will roll into my future. It’s not as if I'm enlightened after participating in these meditations. Far from it. But what IS happening is that I am starting to FEEL. Energy is beginning to move throughout my physical being. I get waves of heat spells that come over certain areas of my body and delicious sweat beads start to form on my skin. And if you know me, you know I am always fucking cold, so this, this is a somewhat overwhelming feeling for me to have. I also feel these releases of energy, most pronounced when I break into tears. Some of that is sadness for the way I used to treat myself (past), and some of it is hoping that I will overcome those setbacks I have created in my life like self-doubt, judgments of others, etc (future). And then I bring myself back to present moment. I also have begun to have sensations in my body once the meditation is over and I am sitting in silence – For example, I have begun to feel my blood pumping from my heart into my chest. I have never, ever felt blood pumping out of my heart, just a simple heartbeat. The only way to describe this feeling is alive.

Overall, what Joe Dispenza’s research, teachings, workshops and words have done for me is have me stop and think. Scientifically, it all makes sense – We’re made up of atoms, which bond into molecules, then chemicals into cells, tissues & organs, etc. We are made up of energy and that is how we interact with people on a daily basis – transferences of energy - whether we are conscious of it or not. But what fascinates me the most, is if I am able to start to harmonize and organize the incoherent energy field within my body, that will ultimately translate to emitting a coherent energy field around my outer body and out in the world, attracting energy on the same level & field as I am now vibrating. That is the unknown, and that is incredibly exciting to me.

And so I'll leave you with this - If you want to dive deeper, read his book or watch some of his videos online. He's definitely not for everyone, but who of the good ones of us are ;) I’ve also signed up for his live stream videos and have followed along in meditations with his workshop of hundreds of other people. And let me tell you, the energy that surrounds and is emanated through those meditations is like no energy I have ever felt before.

"The present you has only a fraction of an idea of what's to come. That in itself ought to excite you." - K

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