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Full Moon Ceremony

Tonight (April 7th, 2020), a Super Full Moon in Libra will come into effect. I haven’t always been hypnotized by the moon. In fact, you could say that the sun garnered most of my attention for the past few decades. And that’s just because I wanted to feel its warmth, to bronze my white pasty winter skin; it had nothing to do with the actual realization of the immense power of the sun. But the moon, the moon now has me completely mesmerized. And this outright bow down to the overwhelming awe I have for the moon really only began a few months ago. I would be driving home from a friend’s place and the moon would be there, high in the sky, on my path home. This happened a few times, and I remember actually crying over her beauty, her absolute power.  Sometimes I’d even stop and get out of my car and just sit and watch her, talk to her - can I share the same universe as something this fucking beautiful? 

I believe I feel particularly drawn to the moon because she shares the night, she shares the darkness with me. My home. I can’t quite imagine anything more magical than staring up at the mystical moon and stars on a clear night from the beach, or forest, or rolling hills. I wonder if on any of my future psychedelic journeys that I might meet her. But this space suit here on earth will have to do for now.

With each full moon, new moon, super moon, whatever, I feel more and more appreciative and celebratory of her. I feel closer to her. I am the only one she sees, I am the only one in her orbit. And with this comes ceremony. I used to half ass full moon ceremonies. I wanted to perform my own but I’d end up feeling like a fraud, so out of integrity. I was also incorporating manifestations, which has never been part of any sort of routine for me, and is the actual aspect that makes me feel the most fraudulent. I would sometimes actually end up feeling sick after doing them, like I was using this sweet respected ritual for a sour benefit.

But I stayed in. I listened to that inner voice and I have now begun to create my own tradition. I started small, and build on it each time. I’ve come to finally realize, as in most areas of my life - It doesn’t have to look a certain way. It doesn’t ever have to follow what others do. What’s most important is how it feels to me. Do I feel in integrity? Do I feel in connection with what I’m saying and what I’m doing? Do I need to say anything at all? Can I just sit in her presence, in reflexion, full of love and honouring?

An awesome book that has helped me work through this and incorporate my own ceremonial traditions is called “The Medicine Bag” by don Jose Ruiz. It’s a book on shamanic rituals & ceremonies passed down generationally by his lineage in the Toltecs . It starts by saying that in many spiritual traditions, the full moon symbolizes a time of celebration. For centuries, cultures all across this earth have been performing full moon ceremonies as offerings and forms of connection to the power of the moon - to honour her, her mysteries and the deep cycles of seasonal time. If you were like me and want to create some type of full moon honouring or ceremony, this book is an awesome place to start. Here its provided guidance :

1. Choose the space to perform your ceremony - it is most powerful to perform the ceremony outside, but if you’re like me and you’re in Alberta and there’s still a shiton of snow on the ground, inside may just have to do. I'm toying with the idea to perform this in my bathtub tonight, haven’t decided yet..

2. Prepare and gather elements representing the 4 elements (Air/Ether are considered the same):

  • Air - A feather or burning incense

  • Fire - A lighted candle or small outdoor fire

  • Water - A bowl of clean water

  • Earth - A sacred stone or bowl of soil or salt

NOTE: If you don’t have access to these items, you can simply draw symbols for these elements on paper.

  • A glass of water that you will infuse with the moon’s blessing and then drink

  • Offerings for the spirits to acknowledge the connection between our human lives and the living world (eg. tobacco, dried spice, etc)

3. Place all the items you have collected in front of you. Take a comfortable seat or stand. When you are ready to begin, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to come into your body and the present moment. (Tonight, before I start, I will call upon the presence of the moon and my Spirit Guides)

4. Close your eyes and imagine a long thread of golden light extending down from your head and through your spine, your legs, and your feet (or head through spine and out pubic bone if seated), down into the rich earth, all the way to the centre of the planet. Draw strength from this firey core, and know that at all times you are connected to every other living things and to the vast and intricate Mother Nature (now so more than ever). Now imagine that golden thread moving upwards, radiating out of the crown of your head to touch the stars in the night sky. You are simultaniously a being of the physical earth and the heady realm of starlight (fucking goosebumps). **There are no past regrets or future anxieties in this place.** Feel the wheel of the heavens, the heartbeat of the planet, your guiding spirits seen and unseen, and your breath. Don’t rush this important time. 

5. Once you feel grounded to the earth beneath your feet and connected to the stars above, it’s time to open this ceremony with prayer. Here is the author’s offering but he also suggests creating spontaneously from your heart:

Spirits and Power of the Living World, 

Be here with me in this sacred place at this sacred time.

I give thanks for my breath, my body and my spirit.

Fill my heart with peace, my mind with joy, and my soul with compassion.

Open my eyes so that I may see

between the worlds,

and honour the silver spirit of Grandmother Moon.

6. Next we will give thanks to the four elements. Pick up your symbol for each element in turn, and read its corresponding prayer aloud:

Air - Spirits of the Wind, Wise Ones, Spirits of Teaching,

I honour you and ask you to be with me here

in this sacred time and place.

Grant me clarity of vision and the wisdom of discernment.

Let my mind fly like a great bird toward truth.

You are welcome here.

Fire - Spirits of Fire, Laughing Ones, Spirits of Newness,

I honour you and ask you to be with me here in this sacred time and place, 

Grant me passion of purpose and radiant joy.

Let my soul dance like a burning flame toward freedom.

You are welcome here.

Water - Spirits of Water, Flowing Ones, Spirits of Learning,

I honour you and ask you to be with me here in this sacred time and place.

Grant me the sweetness of flow and emotional balance.

Let me heart leap like a silver fish toward peace.

You are welcome here.

Earth - Spirits of Earth, Grounded ones, Spirits of Action,

I honour you and ask you to be with me here in this sacred time and place.

Grant me the strength of connection and a nourished heart.

Let my hands work in the garden if Being toward abundance & kindness.

You are welcome here.

7. Next, share with the moon what you are grateful for, what you are celebrating, and what you wish to let go that is no longer serving you. 

8. When you are ready, raise your glass of water to the moon and imagine that it contains all the hope, goodness, and abundance of this celestial body. Offer it to her as a prayer of thanks, and ask that it be blessed:

Grandmother Moon among the stars,

Thank you for you radiant light.

May I be blessed, may my loved ones be blessed,

May all the people and beings in the living world be blessed.

Drink the glass of water while imagining your life filled with the abundant blessings of the full moon.

9. When you feel your ceremony drawing to a close, give thanks to each of the spirits you invited into your space - whatever guiding spirits you invoked as well as those of the elements of air, fire, water & earth. Leave your small offerings of tobacco or spices in each of the four directions.

Again, take pieces of what serves and supports you, and leave those which don’t. And incorporate your own flavour into your own ceremony. Your own rightful intent. Maybe that means different offerings, maybe that means playing music, maybe that means smudging. Concentrate on the energy you are creating and the energy that surrounds you. Know that you are safe and protected. And If I can offer one piece of advice; if it feels good, lean more into that.

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