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Embrace the Bad along with the Good

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

The fact is, we need to go through it all – the full wheel of emotion from ecstatic to manic. I wouldn’t be doing us any favours by sugar coating or ignoring this. Without the bad you really can’t appreciate the good. Similarly with alcohol; I would never appreciate and enjoy the life I have right now without first having gone through all the shit. And just because alcohol is no longer a factor in my life, doesn’t mean that all my problems disappear. It just means they are so much easier to deal with.

So, while it’s super important to celebrate the good times & small victories, it’s also really important to talk about & sit with the bad. No matter how painful. If you follow my story, you know that much to do with my refreshed life is a dedicated daily routine & healthy lifestyle. That was thrown to shit this past Sunday when I sprained my ankle (working out if you can appreciate the irony haha). With that, I fell into a mini state of depression. Without my morning workouts, my days and ultimately week is thrown off. And when that is off, I feel totally unbalanced.

This whole week, I didn't sleep. I had intense ‘foggy brain’, couldn’t concentrate at work and was easily irritable & super frustrated. I haven’t really allowed myself to slow down these past few months, and maybe that’s what my injury was meant to teach me. Patience, compassion, restraint..?

It has not been easy, and I’m still struggling through it as I write this, but what I'm beginning to learn is that every time an obstacle is implanted in my life, I’m actually starting to grow strength from it. Before, when I was drinking and something bad were to happen, I would have most likely blamed anyone or anything BUT myself. I also wouldn’t take anything away from a very teachable moment. Awesome way to live –> Ignore the issue and blame everyone but yourself. There is no greatness in that, and that is definitely no way to live. I try not to be so harsh on myself for those past indiscretions knowing I have come full circle and have now started to appreciate my actions, but that's still a struggle too as you can probably tell lol.

As I sit here and continue to write this blog post though, I feel a little release. I sip my coffee and I look out at the beautiful day and the dogs running & playing outside and that helps too. I am grateful for my life and wouldn’t change it for a thing, so I will continue to sit with and work through how I feel knowing I am gaining the strength I need to go through many more of these moments, and to embrace them when they arise. xo Kitty

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