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An Amazing Gift to Living Alcohol Free - Growth

One of the greatest gifts I've received while living an alcohol free life is the continuous gift of growth through learning. Every. Damn. Day. Learning through experience, through mistakes, through communication, through mentors, through research, through relationships, through the messiness of it all. When I was still drinking, nothing was penetrating through that thick fog of alcohol but the desire to drink more alcohol. And quite honestly, there wasn’t any capacity in my booze-riddled brain to absorb or store any new information anyway.

Now, well, my non-booze riddled brain is like a brand new Costco sized sponge. Information is coming at me like a dam of water who just burst its walls. And by no means is my thirst for knowledge satiated. I feel like I'm making up for lost time going all the way back to my high school days when education was based upon logistics, and none of it based upon developing life skills.

So you may be curious - What have I learnt in my 488 days without a drink? What growth have I experienced within that time? Fuuucking where do I start. Here’s a small sample:

· I stumbled upon my Passion Project - VivifyYYC - and through that created an alcohol free community of support for women (learning as I go)

· I started to actually give a shit about myself and learn what works for my overall wellness (body-mind-spirit):

o Through regular yoga practice, I have started to create movement & energy within me

o Through regular meditation practice, I have learnt to quiet my thoughts so I’m not as scatter brained as I used to be (work in progress)

o Through completely changing my diet, exercise & sleep routine, I have become increasingly less anxious. And day to day life is so much more manageable and actually incredibly exciting - anxiety's not so bitchy sister.

· I continue to learn the importance of creating boundaries & truly valuing myself (WIP)

· I’ve taken my personal development to another level through an immersion of courses & workshops

· I’ve begun the highly important mission of forming solid relationships with people who inspire & support me (and I hope to do the same in return)

· I quit my 9-5 to pursue what I discovered to be my many other passion projects (see below)

· This includes starting to dive head first into Ayurvedic studies to expand my knowledge even further into overall wellness & healing practices

Would you like to know what my daily list of "growth" looked like in the not so distance past :

· Sunday Funday!

· Late for work Monday

· Drank Tuesday night after work, at home, alone

· Late for work Wednesday

· Called what’s his name Thursday while drunk, blacked out, don’t remember conversation(s)

· Late for work Friday – Went out Friday night. Lost my keys and some dignity.

· Slept all day Saturday. Got up for a <insert shitty foods here> run around 7pm

· Anxiety all day Sunday, until it was time for Sunday Funday! to (of course) relieve the anxiety


As you can see, not much room to grow & learn when experiencing a constance dance with the poisonous devil.

Let me also make 2 points perfectly clear – In my experience:

A. No part of progressive growth is easy. It’s been and continues to be an awesome journey of self-discovery.

B. And there isn’t even a hope of its existence if alcohol were still in my life

You are your biggest investment. Think of it this way – Every time you take a sip of alcohol, your shares go down. And I, being my biggest investment, decided that my shares had fallen more than enough. I am much more valuable to myself & to others alcohol free, than the rock bottom of a bottle. – xo K

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