Welcome to Vivify - My baby, my passion project, my future to behold.


I created Vivify in January 2018. I was newly embarking on a journey of living alcohol free, and I wanted somewhere all my own where I could share in my struggles, sadness, loneliness, joy & accomplishments within that experience. I wanted to be seen and heard, tired of living under a cloak of invisibility. And I wanted to be held accountable for my actions. I had the intention to unmask the secret I had held for so long, and communicate to others heading down the same path that you are not alone. There is a movement happening to living not only alcohol free, but a better, more amazing life all around.

FFW to the present moment. My intention with Vivify now is to MOVE FORWARD. What can I do each day to better my life in any way, shape or form. What value can I add to others in my community. What inspiration can I form with the choices I am making and the way I am living my life. Yes, not drinking alcohol has importance for me, but when I open my eyes to all that’s out there, living alcohol free is just a sliver of what's really possible. 

I am diving deep into the dark waters of personal evolution, development & discovery. What does that mean? To me, that means waking up each day with a purpose. And meeting and creating relationships with like minded people who are doing the same. Searching out retreats, workshops, courses, ceremonies, all which come together to create & empower this beautiful, feminine, spiritual, woman, soul, essence – Kat Black. This will also include a journey down the mystical healing practice that is Ayurveda & her sister science Yoga. 

My intention through all of this is to “Inspire women to realize their best life.” Join me on this intensely magical journey I am embarking on as I say goodbye to my corporate 9-5, and hello to a life of unknown.
- Kat Black

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